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Product Description

Small size with superior TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) polarised lenses for perfect optical quality. They cut glare from reflective surfaces such as water and roads making objects more distinct and colours more vibrant. Copper driver lenses provide sharper contrast and image definition by filtering blue light plus they reduce road glare whilst preserving a natural colour balance for comfortable viewing in the day-light. They’re designed to highlight the critical driving colours, i.e. red, amber and green.

Dimensions: total width 120mm; lens width 53mm max; lens height 34mm max; gap between clips 24mm; small size. The correct fit is the model that is slightly larger than your spectacles, the temples may protrude a little but the lenses and frame should be entirely covered.

Spring Clip: low profile, squeeze to open, clip mechanism; virtually unbreakable and won’t damage your lenses; high tension spring with two positive indexing lens positions, flipped down for sun protection or flipped up by approximately 140 degrees for instant normal vision.

Lenses: copper driver lenses; heighten visual acuity, improving contrast and depth perception in variable light conditions; 0.8mm TAC lenses – infused with polarising filters that permeate the layers thus eliminating the delamination issues commonly found with cheap polarised lenses, a very important consideration for rimless clipons; clear, distortion free vision under all sunlight conditions; UV400 protection; riveted firmly to the clip mechanism so there are no screws to come loose and fall off.

Comes with a FREE rigid case and a soft cleaning cloth worth £5.94 plus 12 months limited warranty.

Comply with the latest European Standard EN 1836:2005 and block 100% UVA and UVB rays. UV filter category 2 suitable for average sunlight, driving and general purpose wear.

Small Size
Total Width 120mm; Lens Width 53mm max; Lens Height 34mm max
Copper Polarised Lenses Filter Blue Light, Great for Daytime Driving
Superior Quality TAC Lenses
FREE Rigid Case and Soft Cleaning Cloth Worth £5.94


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